For The Love of Baseball has entered the online baseball reading marketplace as a comingling of sorts. The Major League baseball fan has had no choice but to adapt its consumption of our pastime over the years. Now 33 years old, the game I grew up with is, in many ways, gone. Even at my relatively young age, I will often roll my eyes at some of the most “nerdy” baseball perspectives out there. I can only imagine how frustrating it can be for the seventy year old man (or woman), who is now, often pretentiously, being told that the RBI is a meaningless stat. This is meant to be a safe space for that seventy year old man.

Wait, wait, wait! Before the only eyes left reading this page are those awaiting surgery on their cataracts, let me get to the other part of the comingling that I referenced above. This online space is intended to be every bit as inviting to modern, curious baseball lovers who fully (mostly?) has accepted modern data analysis as an important basis for how we talk baseball. Let’s talk WAR and wOBA and about the launch angle revolution. Let’s embrace it. But let’s also watch carefully for what our embrace of data could be robbing us of.

Just as every MLB organization operates as a melting pot of scouts AND stats, we need an online space where we can celebrate every vantage point of our amazing pastime. From the romantic and emotional, to the technical and mechanical, to the data driven, let’s debate and celebrate. Play Ball!