These Teams Just Made the Cubs Look Smart

Andrew Cashner: 2 years / $16 million (Orioles, what else is new)
Jaime Garcia: 1 year / $10 million (Blue Jays, good organization, 1 year, wants to go for it, least offensive of the three)
Jason Vargas: 2 years / $16 million (Mets, since when is throwing $8 million at mediocrity the Alderson way?)

This is a joke.

$8 million per year for replacement level depth. Or $21 million per year for Yu Darvish. Why are front offices not able to convince their ownership groups that consolidating WAR is infinitely more valuable than paying significant money for basically replacement level players. If your farm system cannot generate 0.5-1 WAR level players to fill out the margins of a good MLB roster for the major league minimum, eg. middle relievers and back end starters, then you have deep player development and scouting issues that needs to be remedied. The real value to a team is when you can consolidate WAR into one roster spot, eg. Yu Darvish pitching to at least 3 WAR his entire career.

This is zero-upside free agency at it’s worst. Would you rather your team pay $24 million to have Cashner, Garcia, and Vargas pitch? Or for your team to spend $24 million on Darvish, and leave rotation spots open for your homegrown kids to have a door to walk through? Or, like the Twins, at least pay $8 million to a rehabbing Michael Pineda, where there is high-risk, high upside.

Come on Lance Lynn. Sign somewhere already in this suddenly over-priced seller’s market, so I can at least be grateful my Mets didn’t do that.

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