Mets Sign Todd Frazier

Todd Frazier and the Mets reportedly have an agreement on a 2 year deal worth $17 million, pending physical. Two things: What is Todd Frazier? and Does this effectively draw the David Wright era to a close?

First, on David. If you hear David’s own language over the past month or two, even he deems his efforts to ever play Major League Baseball again as more of a long shot than anything. I’m not going to list out here the number and types of surgeries he’s had. But the chances David kicks the dirt at the hot corner at Citi Field ever again seem grim. Todd Frazier signing on to play third base for his age 32 and 33 seasons would not bar the Mets from allowing David to work his way onto the 25 man roster. Should David show his bat looks like the David of old, and that he could sling it over to third, Dom Smith, and/or A-Gone would not keep David from making one of the most amazing, feel-good stories in Mets history. David has meant that much to this fan base.

So to the other point, to sign Frazier for his age 32 and 33 seasons at roughly 1 WAR money, was a steal. Plain and simple, Sandy came out looking real good here. Frazier has consistently been a roughly 3 WAR baseball player throughout his prime. He has been durable as well, and should be a huge plus as a clubhouse presence. His glove at third base is steady to above average. Travis Sawchik at Fangraphs wrote up a nice piece last night, on Frazier’s drastic improvements last year in laying off bad pitches. Should Frazier either maintain those gains in pitch selectivity or enjoy a BABIP recovery to career norms, coupled with his steady defense and power, it’s kind of hard to see Frazier not being an above-average regular for the duration of his contract.

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